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Laudescher, eco-designed wooden architectural solutions for building envelopes

Through its brands and product ranges, Laudescher is committed to respecting and promoting a comprehensive environmental and eco-citizenship policy:
• PEFC™ (Certifié PEFC 70%. N° 44 702 150434) / FSC® (N° licence : FSC MIXTE CREDIT. N° TUEV-COC-000701) certified production unit
• ISO 14001 and 50001 certification
• Participation in the development of eco-construction schemes (HQE, BREEAM and LEED)

Users and designers can choose the most appropriate products - ceilings, interior wall cladding, openwork built-up cladding - based on their specific criteria.

  • Control of costs and delivery times
  • Product conformity (fire, acoustic, EPD, VOC, etc.)
  • Durable and environmentally-friendly finishes
  • PEFC™ / FSC® certified products
  • Solutions adapted to different regulatory requirements
  • Architectural identity

Laudescher products offer a wide range of advantages: ease of cutting components to size, integration of technical elements, flexibility of mounting systems and durability. The design of the products, combined with standard mounting systems on the market, ensures cost savings for companies as a result of shorter installation times. Our ranges are available in a wide variety of installation options capable of meeting today's numerous regulatory requirements and the various architectural constraints specific to each building. Last but not least, the nature of the products ensures that they will look good for many years to come. They are subject to neither premature ageing nor the development of mould. They are extremely tough and can be handled repeatedly during maintenance operations without risk of deterioration.

They offer exceptional dimensional stability and mechanical resistance. Through its designs, Laudescher combines the traditional attributes of wood - ethical, emotional and tonal qualities - with open-ended, energetic and unique geometric shapes suitable for the boldest architectural projects. Patterns, vibrations, surface finishes, volumes and shapes give buildings a unique visual identity, bringing ceilings, walls and external façades to life: more than just products what do a job, our designs ensure durability and guarantee uniqueness.

In order to facilitate the assessment and specification of your projects, Laudescher has developed a number of useful tools:

  • Standard specifications
  • Supply and mounting estimates per m2 for all its product and system solutions

The challenges

  • Create a dynamic for the reappropriation of buildings
  • Create pleasant living spaces
  • Recreate buildings that encourage human interaction
  • Respond to use expectations
  • Respond to cost constraints
  • Respond to architectural constraints
  • Respond to delivery time constraints
  • Respond to technical constraints
  • Respond to regulatory requirements

The response from the product

  • Wood, an ancient, tactile and natural material in essence: a return to basics
  • An application, a set of constraints, a concept: a flexible and appropriate response
  • From standard to premium, form large quantities to exclusive projects:
  • The most stringent architectural constraints and regulatory requirements: open-ended, compliant products

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