2015 "Grand Designs" show (London) : New Product Award


Lauder PAREA 40.40.60 in solid pine by Laudescher received the New Product Award at the "Grand Designs" show held in London in May.

The market-leading French manufacturer of solid wood panels, Laudescher stands out with its ambitious policy of developing innovative and unique products, for which it has today been rewarded on the international stage. In fact, the New Product Award created by the "Grand Designs" magazine was awarded to Lauder PAREA 40.40.60 in solid pine, in Chocolate Stain Wax Color Finish. It’s a great result for the Laudescher brand, since only 5 products in the Building section won awards out of about 150 exhibitors.

Based on a notching process and half-lap assembly for perfect plank stability without waving, Lauder PAREA, the façade product par excellence, can be oriented vertically or horizontally for flexible, optimal installation, the panel fasteners being completely invisible. This cladding process provides thermal insulation from the outside, producing unprecedented energy savings and high wind resistance.

The final touch

Specific to Lauder PAREA, and of considerable importance: Class 3 softwood finish. Applied in factory, Wax Color is a fungicidal and anti-UV treatment. This technique preserves all the natural properties of the wood, as well as providing a sustainability of appearance and exceptional longevity (10 years). And it’s always in style, the shades in the colour chart ever in tune with the times: Light wood, Oak, Chocolate, Grey and Black.

Technical specifications
  • - PEFC/FSC solid wood certification (10 to 12% seasoned wood, first choice)
  • - Installation
  • - Screwing through black counter-battens, centre distance 600 mm
  • - Vertical or horizontal installation
  • - Maintenance
  • - Wax Color finish on Class 3 softwood: apply Wax Color finishing product every 5/6 years after cleaning the support
  • - True natural wood finish on Larch: no maintenance
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