Maison de la Musique (Montardon)


The Luys-en-Béarn community of municipal authorities (Pyrénées-Atlantiques - France) is founding a new Maison de la Musique.

This facility will be built by the Luys-en-Béarn community of municipal authorities to cater to 23 music teachers and 398 pupils at the inter-communal music school in the best of conditions.
Since it was founded in 1992, the inter-communal music school's main vocation has been to train amateur musicians open to all styles of music, for both children and adults, with musical and instrumental training, vocal and instrumental practice sessions for groups Up to now, lessons have been dispensed in premises allocated by the local authorities. The school has gradually outgrown them and now needs premises worthy of increased attendance. Hence the Luys-en-Béarn community of municipal authorities' decision to build a Maison de la Musique. The aim is to build a functional facility, as well as raising the profile of a school with a great reputation.

A new cultural centre

Located in Montardon, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques in France, the new building falls within the general city planning scheme for the lower part of the village. It will be a great new attraction alongside existing facilities (primary school, library, sports hall and medical centre). The Maison de la Musique will boast 1,000 sq.m, comprising some 15 classrooms (for musical training, studies and documentation, teaching studios, practice rooms and auditorium). It is perfectly suitable for the great diversity of music and teaching available.

Shining facilities

The Councillors and the Technical Committee (comprising the Director of General Services, the Director of the Music School and the Director of Technical Services) all hope that the Maison de la Musique will be functional, welcoming, attractive and above all representative of the school's drive. The composition of volumes, architecture and choice of materials superbly fulfil these requirements. The 250sq.m tiered auditorium can seat 80 and doubles up as a practice room for the orchestra. It can be used for shows, opening up onto the new Place des fêtes. The coloured boxes in the teaching studios shine out at night behind the mesh. The Maison de la Musique is a shining, enchanting example of premises for musicians of all ages and disciplines.

Creative concept and architecture

Starting at the design phase, the importance of acoustics has been factored into all the architect's choices to organise space and constructive solutions. The need for good acoustics in the classrooms was integrated from the outset with the architect choosing to make them independent of each other and vis-à-vis the building structure. The framework provides support without any intermediary pillars, from the patio wall to the outer columns that hold up the metal mesh, in order to avoid sound transmission.

Walls and ceilings decked in wood

The main feature of the orchestra room is that it is multi-purpose; the acoustics and implementation of same mean that the tiered benches may be used for the public, choirs and orchestras.
The architect chose to use the Lauder LINEA system by Laudescher for the walls and ceilings. This system combines the traditional qualities of wood with state-of-the-art building technology, opening up to all sorts of audacity in contemporary construction. 128 sq.mof Lauder LINEA were used for the ceilings, and 115 sq.m for the walls.

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