Wood species & Color chart: Lauder LINEA

Solid wood

Wood is a natural material, and depending on the species, may have greater or lesser variations in tone, colour and grain pattern, or imperfections such as knots

and shakes. These features are inherent to the material and never represent a defect in quality. Each panel is unique and may have surface irregularities which guarantees that real wood, a natural and living material, has been used.

Solid wood

Pine Pine

Homogeneous, knot-free pale wood, clearly visible grain patterning, straight fine to medium grain

Red Cedar Red Cedar

Highly heterogeneous wood, ranging from brown-pink to red-brown and dark brown, straight and regular fine to medium grain

Douglas Fir Douglas Fir

Excellent quality wood, moderately heterogeneous, brown-beige to brown-pink, straight medium grain

Oak Oak

Hardwood, moderately heterogeneous, light brown to varying shades of dark brown, with a very specific straight medium grain

Wax Color finish

Wax Color finish on Pine

Care for and enhance the material through factory application of the Wax Color process. A wide range of wood tone colours for a durable, impressive, natural and environmentally-friendly finish.

Wax Color MC finish on Pine

The Wax Color process specially developed to meet the demands of applications in moist and corrosive environments.

Wax Color Honey Honey
Wax Color Oak Oak
Wax Color White White
Wax Color Wenge Wenge
Wax Color Cherry Cherry
Wax Color Chocolate Chocolate
Wax Color Mahogany Mahogany
Wax Color Grey Grey