Wood species & Color chart: Lauder PAREA

Wood is nature's ultimate material : Lauder PAREA panels are made from natural wood. The wood species colour chart and Wax Color tints are therefore provided for information purposes only. Each panel is unique and may have surface irregularities which guarantee that real wood, a natural and living material, has been used. The natural finish wood species used in Lauder PAREA will turn naturally grey, light grey, anthracite or silver-grey over time depending on the wood species chosen, the effect of UV light and its exposure to rainwater.
Wood is a material largely made up of polysaccharides (cellulose and hemicellulose) and lignins that will be degraded through exposure to the photons in ultraviolet light. It is this photodegradation of the lignins, further accentuated by water, that is responsible for changes in the colour of the wood. Woods installed outside without any physical protection are subject to greying.

Over time, this phenomenon leads to a change in the original colour of the wood which tends to become grey. In addition, depending on the geographical location, climatic variations, the orientation of walls and their exposure to water (rainwater, discharge from guttering, etc.), the colour of the wood in the cladding will assume random shades at varying speeds. In other words, an external wall with high UV and rainwater exposure will grey faster than a more sheltered wall. In addition, depending on the wood species chosen, the natural finish may turn light grey, anthracite grey or silver-grey over time. The photos of the wood species shown below are therefore not contractually binding ; as a result, Laudescher cannot guarantee that the wood cladding on a project will turn a specific colour after ageing.

Solid wood

Pine Pine

Pale uniformly coloured wood, small knots, clearly visible grain patterning, straight fine grain

Larch Larch

Orangey blonde wood, medium to large knots, straight medium grain, clearly visible and marked grain patterning

Class 4 Pine Class 4 Pine

Brown wood, small knots, clearly visible grain patterning, straight fine grain

Wax Color finish

Wax Color tint finish

Care for and enhance the material through factory application of the Wax Color process. A wide range of wood tone colours for a durable, impressive, natural and environmentally-friendly finish. Fungicidal, anti-UV and non-film forming properties with 10-year guarantee.


For the Wax Color finish : maintain wood by applying the Wax Color finishing product every 5 to 6 years after cleaning the surface. This operation can only be carried out by qualified companies that have received training and are approved to do so by Laudescher. For the " untreated natural " finish : no maintenance required. The wood will turn adopt a naturally grey shade over time.

Wax Color Light wood Light wood
Wax Color Oak Oak
Wax Color Grey Grey
Wax Color Black Black
Wax Color Chocolate Chocolate